Volunteers needed

The PTO is trying out a new method of keeping track of volunteer interests.  This will hopefully replace the paper forms that you have filled out in the past.  Please take a couple of minutes to fill out this online form, even if you filled out a paper form in May.  There are lots of different ways to help out, even if you are not available to volunteer during school hours:


We are particularly in need of library volunteers, music volunteers in grades K-2 (or parents willing to help with those grades), as well PE and Art volunteers for grades K-5.

We also need someone to co-chair the Fall Book Fair, which will be setting up on October 28 and open October 31 through November 4 (we have an experienced parent coordinating the Fair, but she needs someone to be there for the first couple of hours each day to make sure everything is running smoothly).  The Book Fair also needs lots of other volunteers to serve as cashiers. There’s a box you can check on the form above if you’re interested in helping out.

You can read more about various volunteering opportunities here .