Pacifica Education Foundation (PEF)

Dear Cabrillo Community,

The Pacifica Education Foundation is in great need of filling their board postions.  Please take the time to  read the letter below from the PEF President, Sandy Stefancic.  Share the information with others in the Pacifica community, or maybe you could consider filling one of the positions that are open.  Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Shauna Koperski and Shelli Murphy

(Cabrillo PTO Co-Presidents)


Dear Parents,

This is extremely urgent and have asked your PTO to pass this message from the Pacifica Education Foundation.

The Pacifica Education Foundation is looking for new board members ASAP. Our Foundation will cease to exist if we do not have enough board members to run it. We are at our minimum board membership of five members. Ideally, we need about 4 more members to fill out our board. Open positions available: Webmaster, Patron Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Events Coordinator

Will you help us??

We are just like the PTO and need board members who can attend one meeting a month and help out with one or two fundraisers a year. The Foundation supports all the invaluable PEF programs district-wide, like elementary music, Slam Poetry, middle school computer science, and middle school band.

Thank you so much and please contact me directly if you are interested. I would be more than happy to speak with you about the various ways you can help. Please also visit our website for more information about PEF:

Best Regards,


Ortega and IBL Parent

Sandy Stefancic

President, Pacifica Education Foundation