Updates October 4th

Thursday, 10/5: 5:45pm

High School Fair, Community Center

Thursday, 10/5:  6:00pm

PTO Meeting: Staff Room

Monday, 10/9:

Professional Development Day
No School for Students

Thursday, 10/12:

Variety Show
18 Amazing Acts Together For One Night Only in the Multi-purpose Room.

Supervision After School:

Please be aware that there any student who is on campus after school should be either a part of one of the after school programs, or part of the PB & R after school care. There is no supervision on the yard. Students heading home for the day, should exit campus no
later than 3:00pm. Please plan ahead with your children to ensure their safety after 3:00pm.

This week, our school stood united with one another to Stomp Out Bullying. We all shared in a pledge to words that heal, and we will continue our work toward making the world a better place through acts of kindness as we progress through the year. Today, I wanted to share with you our pledge while also am moment when I witnessed the practice of kindness that our students show one another through their own acts.

Here’s our pledge:
• I pledge to think more about the words I use.
• I will try to see how gossip hurts people including myself, and try to eliminate it from my life.
• I will replace words that hurt with words that encourage, engage and enrich.
• I will not become discouraged when I am unable to choose my words perfectly.
• Because making the world a better place is hard work, and I pledge to do that – one word at a time.
This week we held our annual Variety Show auditions. The 18 wonderful acts had to sit
through everyone’s audition. They were so amazingly kind to each and every person who auditioned. They listened, applauded appropriately, and really stayed on task. Their
practice of kindness made an otherwise stressful moment, a much easier thing to do. When it gets tough, I remember that acts of kindness like these uplift us all, and the world changes for good.

Photo: Cabrillo Students Taking Their “Words Can Heal” Pledge. October 2, 2017
Thanks to Mr. Katz for taking the photo.