April 25, 2018

Spring Is Here!

Spring is definitely in the air. The students are back from Spring Break, and we can see them growing right before our eyes. Our upper graders are beginning to look a bit older, and in this light, they are also acting a bit older.

These are the times when we have to begin monitoring things a bit more closely. Have you noticed that your child is questioning your authority in the house a bit more? Are they quick to roll their eyes at your suggestions or directions? Are they simply not moving when asked to do their chores? Do they argue with you when you tell them that it is time to put away their phone, or turn off the video game? Yep! That’s puberty.

Here are some tips for dealing with this growing season of Spring.

1. Set boundaries for screen time on devices including games, phones, etc. Common Sense Media can be a great resource in helping you do this.

2. Ask your ISP provider or cellular carrier about how to monitor their online usage on their phones. If you think about it, we have placed the entire world at the fingertips of a 10 year old when we hand them their first smart phone. That’s a huge responsibility.

3. Set clear guidelines and consequences for not completing chores at home. Just like being at school helps get children ready for holding down a job, chores at home help build a sense of responsibility and ownership of things that should be appreciated. Our lives are pretty good here, and helping children appreciate that fact is important. Without chores, a child might really think that they are entitled to the finer things, rather than understand that all things that are worth appreciating requires work to have them.

These guidelines aren’t easy, but they are important. I have stated so many times that I do not envy today’s parents with all that they have to balance in their children’s lives. But being a parent does mean taking a stance that may not feel good to your child right now, but will help them build character, responsibility, and an appreciation for others around them.

Happy Spring!