May 9, 2018


This message comes from Ms. Arai.  Thank you, Ms. Arai for your contribution to today’s newsletter.
Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in Saturday’s Junior Olympics. After a long day of running, jumping, and throwing you showed immense athleticism and perseverance and Team Cabrillo won the Championship Trophy. In addition, we’d like to recognize the Overall Athlete in Boys Group 1, first grader, Reed Smith and the Overall Athlete in Boys Group 2, 4th grader, Jack Wessel. The Kristie Smith Award went to, Kindergartener, Sofia Salinas. Thank you to Coach Jaymi, Todd, Mark, Roger, Jeremy, and Michelle.
And thanks to Ava Crotti for singing the National Anthem so beautifully.

More Congratulations

A wise man once said that the only thing we are guaranteed in life is change.  With that in mind, I want to send my well wishes to two of our teachers who will be moving on to other positions next year.
Ms. Ferretti will be moving with her family to the Folsom area, and has accepted a teaching job there.  Our loss is definitely their gain.  We will miss you Ms. Ferretti, along with the entire Ferretti Family.
Also, Ms. Welch, who has been our 2 – 5 grade Special Day Class Teacher for the past four years will be moving to a new position at Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School.  This also means that the staff that works alongside her will be moving to new positions as well.  Congratulations to all of you as you move into these new positions.  Ms. Larrarte, Ms. Hanaike, and Ms. Covell (who already moved to her position) will be missed as well.



“Kindness is a gift the deaf can hear, and the blind can see.” Mark Twain