May 23, 2018


These Stressful Times

Yes Parents, it’s that time of year.  We are moving toward the end of our year and we are beginning to see the signs of students behaving differently, and, sometimes, more impulsively.

Many of our students are on team sports which has them on competing teams.  Every once in awhile, this can add to the level of tension between them and their friends.  Please remind students the importance of being a good sport, whether you are on the winning team, or the losing team.  Kindness must prevail.

In other areas, students are realizing that very soon they are leaving the nest that they have become accustomed to over the past 180 days of school (10 months).  This level of stress can also create actions and reactions that we do not normally see in our child.  Reassure them that they are read to move forward.  They have worked hard.  The next grade level will be a great deal like this one, and they’ll get used to their new surroundings just as quickly as they did the year before.

Spring and Summer are times of growth and continued learning.  There are opportunities to continue to learn this summer.  Our Access, Equity and Innovation Specialist has put together some great resources for your child for continuation of work this Summer that is both educational and fun.  The list is attached below.


“Never look down on anyone unless you are picking them up.”  Jesse Jackson