Updates June 7

Lost and Found – Last Call.

Please check the lost and found items in the B-Wing.  After Friday, June 15, we will be taking any remaining items away for donation.Lost and Found is Overflowing.

We have placed a lot of the lost and found items out on the table in the front lobby, and the closet in B-Wing is full to the brim.  Please stop by and see if something might belong to one of your loved ones.  Thank you.

Are you moving, or not returning to Cabrillo?  Please let our front office know if do not plan on returning to Cabrillo in the fall.

Attention 6th Grade Parents: 7th Grade Immunizations must be on file before you begin next year.  15 Left to go!

Pre-ordered Yearbooks will be distributed on Monday, June 11.  If you would like to purchase a yearbook from the office after 1:20 PM on June 11, they are $40 in the front office.  Cash only please.

Monday, June 11 – Friday, June 15: Minimum Days All Week

Friday, June 15 Last Day of School

Summer Learning at the Library
The San Mateo County Libraries have been visiting Cabrillo School this week to promote their annual Summer Learning Program. Your child should be receiving a log to keep track of their reading this summer, along with a free book to get them started. They can return their completed reading logs to either Pacifica Library by August 31 and receive another free book, plus a chance to win $1,000 college scholarship and other raffle prizes. The Pacifica Libraries are also holding a weekly raffle throughout the summer, with chances to win tickets to local attractions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, CuriOdyssey and more, so remember to fill out a raffle ticket each time you visit the library. If you have any questions, please email Ashley Larsen at willawynne@gmail.com


Students shall dress appropriately for school.  Clothing and footwear should allow students to safely participate in a variety of school activities.  Examples of inappropriate clothing/jewelry include:

  • Clothing that exposes the torso, is low cut, or has ‘spaghetti’ straps
  • Clothing or jewelry with obscene or inappropriate words/pictures
  • Clothing with slogans that are inappropriate for a K-8 setting
  • Clothing associated with gang-related activities or excessively sagging or torn clothing
  • Shorts or skirts that are not longer than the student’s fingertips when hands are placed at their sides
  • Footwear that does not allow students to run safely
  • Hats or headwear are not to be worn indoors
  • We appreciate your assistance in helping children come to school dressed safely and appropriately for all school activities. If a t-shirt the school provides does not bring the student into compliance with the dress code, appropriate clothing will need to be brought to school within one hour of notification.

Volunteers for 18 -19
Please fill out your volunteer form for the upcoming year.  The grade level with the most completed forms will get a treat at Field Day!  Thanks to Angelique Barry for coordinating this.  Currently, there are 145 responses with Kindergarten in the lead spot.  However, other classes are close behind.  The winners could be any class at this point. Thanks to those who have responded.


Thursday, August 16  First Day of School:  Please mark your calendars.

AM and PM Pick-Up and Drop-Off:  Pacifica Police has been monitoring pick-up and drop-off.  Please be sure that you do not double park.  The curb-side along Crespi is not for long-term parking in the mornings and afternoons, but for pick-up and drop-off only.

Continued Safety In Our School

Please remember to stop into our office to check in, even if you think we know who you are.  We are a wonderful community of folks who know each other well, and we sometimes forget that all of us need to check in when we come to school.  It’s for the safety of all of our children.

In addition, please tell your children that their cell phones must be off once they arrive on campus and throughout the school day.  Please call the office if you need to send your child a message.  I realise the temptation to contact your child directly, however, if they have an appointment, we need to know, and we are more than happy to convey any message on your behalf.
This, too, is for the safety of all of our students.  We have had some students who feel ill, contact parents from the bathroom and we are unaware.  Should that be a more serious illness, we might not be able to help if we do not know.

Summer Educational Growth
Spring and Summer are times of growth and continued learning.  There are opportunities to continue to learn this summer.  Our Access, Equity and Innovation Specialist has put together some great resources for your child for continuation of work this Summer that is both educational and fun.  The list is attached below.

Here is also the link to BrainPop, Jr. that you can access with games for enrichment.  http://bit.ly/2ska1NH

Please call our office if your child is going to be absent from school. Our number is (650) 738-6660.
Email easier? Send your note to Mrs. Ababse or Mrs. Griggi at rababseh@pacificasd.org or mgriggi@pacificasd.org.