June 13, 2018

Practice Compassion

Here we are in our last few hours of school for the 2017 – 2018 school year.  As you go out this Summer, I want to thank each and every one of you for another great school year.  I also want to send you off this summer with some thoughts about continuing to practice compassion.

Our school rules are to be safe, be kind, and be thoughtful.  In an atmosphere where we do not often see kindness and thoughtfulness in the words that are spoken and printed, I implore you to think about ways to talk to your children about the importance of speaking their truth, while still being respectful.

If my only response to things that go wrong in my personal and professional life is through argumentative and demanding ways, I know my desires will almost surely not be met.  People do not listen to the person who shouts, they only appease in the moment to get them to stop shouting.

Our response to challenges in our lives is the model that our children will use in their own lives to handle challenges that they encounter.  So let’s keep counting to ten before we hit send on that angry email.  Read, and re-read that angry text, and ask ourselves if the energy spent is really worth the grief we might experience after we send it.  And keep on taking deep breaths in this crazy bay area traffic.  Children will listen and watch, and learn.

Here’s hoping you have a safe, kind, and thoughtful summer break.  And, keep practicing compassion Cabrillo!

Are you moving, or not returning to Cabrillo?  Please let our front office know if do not plan on returning to Cabrillo in the fall by calling or returning your blue slip to the front office.


“We all have a light that we can share.  Just shine it and the darkness will disappear.  Let the light surround our hearts.  Let it shine forth through the dark, through love.”
Tom Stafford

June 7, 2018

Hello Cabrillo Community,

As many of you know, we received information in yesterday’s email regarding a threat to one of our schools in the District.  I wanted to clarify a few things going forward.  While this threat was not deemed credible according to Police, there has been due diligence on the part of the Police Department to let us know, and thereby, letting you know.

Although our campus was not directly effected by this threat, I do want to be more proactive, than reactive in sending you this information and some changes made to help secure our campus.

Here is what we do every day to ensure safety at Cabrillo School:

  • Only one of our front doors remains open during the day after 8:30 AM.  We began this practice today.
  • Crespi Entry Doors are locked at 8:30 AM and remain so all day.
  • Turn Around Entry Doors are locked at 8:30 AM and remain so all day.
  • Gates onto the Yard are locked at 8:30 AM and are opened at 1:10 PM for minimum day pickup.  Beginning 2018/2019 school year, they will remain locked all day.
  • Pacifica Police do regular visits to our campus throughout the week.  The police know our campus well, and even visit classrooms.  We enjoy a strong relationship with Pacifica Police and know them by name.
  • We expect the campus to be clear 15 min. after school is out.  Please be sure that you have made arrangements for your child to be picked up right after school.

Safety Measures that we should be aware of and adhere to are:

  • Please always sign in at our front office for any reason.
  • Do not block drop off and pick up areas.
  • Do not leave your car unattended in a drop off area, or if pulling alongside cars parked on Crespi.
  • Pacifica Police have ticketed cars parked in handicapped designated parking areas, and our loading zones.  Please do not park in these areas unless you have a placard for the handicapped parking area, and never in our loading zone (indicated by hash-marks painted on the pavement).  Should we have an emergency, a first responder would need this space in our parking lot.
  • Do not leave your car unattended in the pick-up, drop-off zone in the front of the building.  I know it is not convenient, but there is only street-side parking for our school.
  • Please do not assume that because a parking space is empty in our parking lot, that it is open for parking.  Many of our staff travel between schools and have very little time between schools and need their parking space at various times throughout the school day.
  • Always help us be vigilant by closing gates and ensuring doors are completely closed as you leave our building.

Some of these measures are new, but most are things we have always done.  In moving forward, the new PTO Board has agreed to help in looking at even more ways to secure our campus, while still keeping Cabrillo School a place where students, parents, and volunteers feel welcome.  Ours is a good community of caring people.  Everyone here only wishes for the safety and well-being of our entire community.  We all have to do our part.  I promise to continue to advocate for even more safety measures moving forward.

Gentle Reminders:  Next week Minimum Days All Week.

Continue to collect Box Tops for Education over the Summer.  We receive a very nice check from this event every year.  Thanks to Lisa Blore for coordinating this.

Stay safe, stay thoughtful, and stay kind Cabrillo.

Thank you,

Tom Stafford