Updates 8/16

Welcome back to school. 

Our first day was filled with excitement, and it was so uplifting to feel the energy from the students as they entered school today – some with a bit of trepidation, others with full confidence, and the myriad emotions in between!  Overall, however, I would rank our first day as one of our best ever since I’ve been here.  Believe it or not, this is my 7th year having the honor and pleasure to lead and serve this community.  There is a lot of information in this newsletter, so I’m going to get right to it.

Lost and Found Information.
Can’t find a jacket, or a lunch box?  Our lost and found is located in our B-Wing hallway.  However, a better way to keep track of things is to make sure that their names are written on the inside of the clothing, or somewhere on the item.  If we find them with names on them, we take them right to the owner.

Lunch Account Information

Please be sure to check your child’s lunch account.  There is no borrowing this year.  You can pay with cash and check in the front office, or go to EZpay.com.  You do need your child’s Permanent ID number located in the top center of your child’s yellow emergency card.

Grade 5 – 8 are able to buy a breakfast during their AM recess.  Grades 5 and 6 recess is at 10:30 AM and grades 7 and 8 recess is at 11:50 AM.  Breakfast is also offered to all students before school from 8:00 – 8:15 AM.   All breakfasts cost $2.00.  Snack bar (offered at 5 – 8 recesses, and during lunch to grades 4 – 8) costs range from .50¢ to $2.00. A student can charge their lunch account for these items.

If you would like to set a daily amount, or limit what your child can buy on their lunch account, please contact Brenda Cicerone at the District Office, and she will be happy to set those limits for you.  Her telephone number is 650-738-6626.

New Bell Schedule:

We have two bells to begin our day.  The 8:17 AM bell is the cue for students to line up.  Students enter exactly at 8:20 into their rooms.  If you are running late, please come to the office to receive a late slip.

The Importance of Attendance:
Research has proven that student success at school increases when students are at school, well-rested and on time.  New policies and guidelines for Independent Studies are in effect this year.  We will not issue Independent Studies for family vacations.  That will have to be an unexcused absence and the student will need to make-up any missed work upon their return.  Teachers are given the discretion to set those guidelines dependent on the amount of work missed, and subject areas.  Please be thoughtful in making plans to go on vacation during the school year.  Education Code dictates what is considered an excused absence from school.  Here is the list that is currently observed as an excused absence: 

  • Personal Illness (Dr’s note required after 5 days);
  • Court Appearance; Attending a Funeral;
  • Observing a Religious Holiday;
  • Attending an employment conference;
  • Caring for an ill child.

The Fog Will Lift and Sunshine Will Come:  Remember we are still at school.
Today was one of those moments when it became clear that school was starting.  Why?  The fog was lifting.  Please be aware that students are coming to work at school and we need to adhere to some dress and appearance standards.  Below is our school’s dress policy.


Students shall dress appropriately for school.  Clothing and footwear should allow students to safely participate in a variety of school activities.  Examples of inappropriate clothing/jewelry include:

  • Clothing that exposes the torso, is low cut, or has ‘spaghetti’ straps
  • Clothing or jewelry with obscene or inappropriate words/pictures
  • Clothing with slogans that are inappropriate for a K-8 setting
  • Clothing associated with gang-related activities or excessively sagging or torn clothing
  • Shorts or skirts that are not longer than the student’s fingertips when hands are placed at their sides
  • Footwear that does not allow students to run safely
  • Hats or headwear are not to be worn indoors

We appreciate your assistance in helping children come to school dressed safely and appropriately for all school activities. If a t-shirt the school provides does not bring the student into compliance with the dress code, appropriate clothing will need to be brought to school within one hour of notification.