Dear Cabrillo Families,

The parent who is offering to do fingerprinting on-site at Cabrillo is able to give our community more times to have their Life Scan done at school.

He will be at Cabrillo Thursday 8/32 from 8:30-2:45.

However, moving forward there is an increase in the fees.  There continues to be a $20 rolling fee as well as DOJ fees ($32).  The total due will be $52.

Please be sure to bring:
1. $52 cash or check
2. Government Issued ID
3. A completed Life Scan form

Here is the link through Sign Up Genius for Thursday 8/23 DAY TIME

or use this link:

Please email :  if you have any questions!

Thank you in advance for making Cabrillo a safer place for our children.

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Please also note, you may get your Fingerprints done at the UPS Store or Police station.  Please call the facilities for an appointment and take the PSD Life Scan form with you.