Updates October 3

School Starts Every Day at 8:20 AM.  The 8:17 AM bell is your child’s notice to go to their lines.  Please work to be on time every day.

Friday, October 5: Jamba Juice and Popcorn at 2:20pm.

PEF-A-THON Information
Early Registration for the PEFathon closes this Friday, October 5. The PEFathon is an event featuring a choice of either a 3.2 K Family Fun Walk/Run, a 5K Run or a 7K Run, followed by a Fitness Fair for the whole family on Sunday, October 28, 2018 at San Pedro Valley Park here in Pacifica. All proceeds go to fund music, slam poetry, and computer science programs at every K-8 public school in Pacifica. Register at: https://www.myregnow.com/PEFathon/events/2018/PEFathon-2018

Monday, October 8:  Professional Development Day for Teachers.  No School for Students

Thursday, October 11:  Variety Show  6:30 PM in the MPR

Educational Enrichment Drive Update from Shauna Koperski

The 2018-2019 Cabrillo Annual Education Enrichment Drive/Direct Donation has finished as of September 30.  We are, however, still receiving any late donations and matching donations.  This year’s donation drive was a tremendous success.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s drive.  Donations this year have reached around $30, 000.  With the last minute donations and corporate matching donations we will be able to provide a more accurate final number a bit later. The Education Enrichment Drive provides approximately 1/3 of the entire PTO budget. All donations received are 100% distributed toward all of the programs that support our students, and teachers.

As a thank you donors that contributed $500 will receive one free Cabrillo 2018-2019 yearbook.  Donations $750 or more will receive a Cabrillo yearbook, T-shirt and sweatshirt.

Thank you for your outstanding support in making this school year a success for our children.

And From Mr. Stafford:
Thanks to Shauna for spearheading the drive this year, and to all of  you who donated.  Your time, your funds, and your positive energy help to keep Cabrillo the best!  We can’t do it without you.

Lost and Found Information.
Can’t find a jacket, or a lunch box?  Our lost and found is located in our B-Wing hallway.  However, a better way to keep track of things is to make sure that their names are written on the inside of the clothing, or somewhere on the item.  If we find them with names on them, we take them right to the owner.

Lunch Account Information

Please be sure to check your child’s lunch account.  There is no borrowing this year.  You can pay with cash and check in the front office, or go to EZpay.com.  You do need your child’s Permanent ID number located in the top center of your child’s yellow emergency card.

Grade 5 – 8 are able to buy a breakfast during their AM recess.  Grades 5 and 6 recess is at 10:30 AM and grades 7 and 8 recess is at 11:50 AM.  Breakfast is also offered to all students before school from 8:00 – 8:15 AM.   All breakfasts cost $2.00.  Snack bar (offered at 5 – 8 recesses, and during lunch to grades 4 – 8) costs range from .50¢ to $2.00. A student can charge their lunch account for these items.

If you would like to set a daily amount, or limit what your child can buy on their lunch account, please contact Brenda Cicerone at the District Office, and she will be happy to set those limits for you.  Her telephone number is 650-738-6626.