PSD District Wide Sports Day

Kicking off the district wide spirit week with Sports Day. Wear your favorite teams jersey, dress up in your favorite sport attire, or draw a picture of your favorite sports athlete. Have your parent load it onto Cabrillo's PTO FB page - we'd love to see what team or sport you love to celebrate!

PSD Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day is an important day. Inaugural means to mark the beginning of a special event or the first in a series of special events. Can you think of an event in your life that was an inaugural event?

PSD Hero Day

Who is your HERO in your life? Dress up as your favorite hero or if you don't have the costume, draw a picture of your favorite hero and have your parents post it on your school's PTO Facebook page. We'd love to see your drawing!

PSD Pajama Day

This week culminates in everyone's favorite spirit day - WEAR YOUR PAJAMAS ALL DAY DAY! But if you're tired of that you can wear sweats. No one is going to see them on zoom anyway.