The Cabrillo Parent-Teacher Organization plays an important role in educating our children. Aside from raising funds for the school, the PTO is responsible for organizing numerous activities and school programs. It is also vital in promoting a sense of community between parents, teachers, staff, and the students.

Questions? Contact: CabrilloPTOBoard@gmail.com

Request for PTO Funding. This form must be completed and signed by the requesting individual before the request will be considered for funding by the Cabrillo PTO Board. Upon approval by the PTO Board, the form must be returned to the Requestor before any budget transfers/payment will be completed. Click here to open the form.

Mission Statement

  • To provide our teachers with the resources they need to successfully accomplish their mission of educating our children in a nurturing environment that instills a love of learning and a strong sense of community.
  • To implement and support the K-8 Creative Arts Program, financially and through the use of volunteers and paid personnel.
  • To build strong relationships between Cabrillo parents and staff by acting as a conduit for communication.

Board of Directors 2020-2021

President:  Angelique Barry

Secretary: Gianna Franco & Cherie Chan

Co-TreasurersAmber Porter & Natalie Weidemier

Vice President for Lower Grade LiaisonsJennifer Russitano

Vice President of Upper Grade LiaisonsStephanie Harrington

Vice President of Visual and Performing Arts: Brad Switzer 

Vice President for Fundraising: Liz Harrington & Michelle Ryan

Vice President of After School Enhancement:  Suzanne Lifson Salazar & Lisa To

School Principal: Annie Flores-Aikey

Teacher Representative

Additional PTO Board Members:

Parent Counsel Representative

Grant Writing Coordination: Orianne Delfosse

Communication Coordinator: Michela Christensen 

PTO Website Coordinator: Nienke Levin-Mertz

PEF Ambassadors: Ashley Larsen & Emily Hennessy