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Pacifica Education Foundation


Dear PSD Parent,
Our Foundation is built upon the vision and efforts of those who believe that our children simply deserve the best opportunities. Collectively, a few parents pulled together to launch the Pacifica Education Foundation to help provide vital programs to the school district.
These were parents just like you, who had regular jobs, kids sports, clubs, and the many responsibilities of managing an active family. It does not take a large investment of time to make a difference. As they say, many hands make light work.
Our Foundation is 100% run by volunteers.
We need people like YOU to step up and help volunteer to serve the Foundation.  If you are a great thought leader, we can use your input as a board member (meetings only once a month).
You can also start by volunteering at an event, be a school volunteer, or work behind the scenes in administrative tasks that help keep our operations going.
Here is a list of positions that we need to urgently fill:
  • Event Planning (Winter Gala event)
  • Photographer
  • Relationship Building
  • School Liaisons (PSD Schools)
I hope you will consider joining us in the Pacifica Education Foundation. Here’s my email and cell phone to contact me today: and 415-407-1596. Or you can visit our website to sign up at
In gratitude,
Sandy Stefancic