Principal’s Newsletter August 22

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Thoughtful
As we begin our new year, I am hopeful and eager to continue our work in our community using our rules of being safe, kind, and thoughtful.
On the first day of school, I spoke with the entire school about these rules and what they mean in our work, our play, and our learning.  We strive every day to keep everyone safe on our yard by not playing on the play structure in the mornings before school.  We have limited supervision, and the structure is often covered in dew.  There are also so many students on the yard that, even in the best of circumstances, it is easy to be distracted.  Therefore, I am asking you parents to also help us in monitoring our play structure in the morning to keep your child from going on to the structure.  I know it is tempting, but it really is safer with so many people waiting on the yard for school to start.

We began our weekly announcements to our students today, and I began with the exact same kindness quote that I used when we did our last announcement last year.  The quote is from Ellen DeGeneres.  It really does sum up exactly who we should strive to be, and how we should participate in this thing called life.  Imagine a world where we all take a moment to show our kindness through our tolerance, empathy, and compassion for one another.  I know we all have our differences, but I also think that we are all so much more alike than different.
So, I hope you’ll join me this year in helping practice safety, kindness, and thoughtfulness to make our school, our community, and our world a better place.


“We need more kindness, more joy, more compassion, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.”
Ellen DeGeneres