Principal’s Newsletter December 5

The Hard Work Of Relationships

Last Friday was a very busy night for so many of us. My afternoon began with the joy of song as I sang with our 4th graders at the Community Center. The students who sang were really enjoying their time, and I found myself filled with joy and gratitude for being able to be in that moment.

Here at the school, there were parents working diligently to ensure a good time was had by all at our Bingo Night. As I checked in on the event, it was in full swing, and there was a lot of joy in the air. Again, I felt a strong sense of gratitude for the parents and staff who were in attendance, here to help our students.

Later in the evening, I attended the Pacifica Education Foundation Winter Gala, and watched the presentation given by our District’s Access, Equity and Innovation Specialist, Christy Novak, our music and band teachers, Mark Unbehagen, Samantha Johns, and Benjamin Gower, and our SPARC Poetry coordinator, Mike Taylor, as they spoke of the importance of community support, and all of the great things that we have in our schools, thanks to that support.

In all of these activities, the one common thread that moved me was the sense of relationships. In every situation, I heard people speak my name, express appreciation for my presence, and just acknowledge relationship. It is not easy to be at so many places at one time, and our community is a community of doing, and helping, and building. The work can be overwhelming.

The positive news is that the work is worth it. Building relationships in all that we do is the key to making our schools successful, our community a happier place, and our world a better place. So, keep on building those relationships. Sometimes it’s hard work, but the payoff is worth it. Keep being respectful Cabrillo!


“Just imagine how the world would be if we all spoke to everyone with respect and kindness.” Holly Branson