Principal’s Newsletter February 6

Volunteers, You Make A Difference Every Day
Is there a school volunteer that you think should receive some special recognition for the work they do, or have done for our school?  If so, the Elna Flynn Outstanding Volunteer Awards nominations are open.

Thank you to Mark Torres, our District Parent Council Representative for the following information about this award.

Elna Flynn (1930 – 1987) was the consummate volunteer. Not only did she volunteer her time while her four children were being educated in our school district, she continued to volunteer even after her youngest child graduated into high school.  An active member of the PTA at Portola School, she served over the years in every possible capacity: from room parent, to library chair, to PTA president and every position in between. 

First awarded in 1988, the Elna Flynn Outstanding Volunteer Award (EFOVA) serves as peer recognition of outstanding volunteer activities within the Pacifica School District.  The EFOVA recipients are announced and honored at the annual Spring Banquet of the Pacifica School District’s Parent Council.

Past EFOVA recipients for Cabrillo School include:  Michael Day and Mary Norr (2018), Danielle DeCot Ferris (2017), and Kari Trainor and Erin Stangeland (2016).

Cabrillo School is currently accepting EFOVA nominations from staff and community members.  Please submit your nominees to the school office by March 6, 2019.


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