Principal’s Newsletter January 16, 2019

Students Making a Difference Every Day

5th Graders are going to be a busy group next week.  They are beginning their week with their annual breakfast for their parents as they become Famous Americans.  This event combines all of the elements of our creative arts programs into a full-scale production.  Students are dressed in period costume as they become their famous American. They sing patriotic songs, share poetry, and stay in character to present an amazing gallery of historic figures that have shaped our country. 

Thanks to Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Anchick for all of their hard work. 
In addition, we are grateful for the work of Mark Unbehagen, Music Teacher who taught the songs, and SPARC Poetry’s Mike Taylor for his work with the students on their poems.  Working together in community makes a difference in the experiences our students have, and enhances learning.

Once they put away their costumes, several of our 5th graders will be
assisting in the annual K/1 Math Fair. Their willingness to help out and make this event a positive experience for all of the Kindergarteners and First Graders. Thanks toMrs. Repetto, Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Reuter, Mrs. DeVolder and Mrs. Crame for all of your dedication to our students, and for making this event special and meaningful for students and their parents.

First and Second Grades hosted a very important assembly with The students learned about using their power to help others, and get help themselves.  They were taught ways to really get an adult’s attention, even when that adult seems to be very busy.  They were taught ways to walk away from someone who is not being friendly, without confrontation. As teachers and students continue to practice these strategies, this will continue to build our community and communication between one another.

Friday will be the date of our 7th and 8th grade GeoBee.  These finalists get to be a part of a program of learning more about our world in a fun and enjoyable activity. The students are always so very supportive of the contestants during the GeoBee. It is great to see students cheer on one another.

Finally, our Jazz Band is extremely excited about their upcoming January Jazz concert. This concert benefits the music program directly. The 4:00 PM concert allows the students to show off their amazing talents, as well as an opportunity to hear the Terra Nova Jazz Ensemble. It allows students to see where they can be.

The evening event at 7:00 PM is a wonderful adults only event where three amazing professional jazz ensembles will be entertaining, along with a silent auction and delicious food. You can get your tickets by clicking here.


“I learned compassion from being discriminated against.  Everything bad that’s ever happened to me has taught me compassion.”.  Ellen DeGeneres