Principal’s Newsletter January 30, 2019

Math, Music, Poetry, Penguins, and News

Our Thursday Night Math Night event was well attended.  The Kindergarteners and First Graders were having a terrific time with their parents as they went from station to station, playing games that involved adding, subtracting, estimating, and algebraic thinking.  Mrs. Crame, Mrs. DeVolder, Mrs. Reuter, Mrs. Repetto and Mrs. Donnelly did a wonderful job in organizing and putting the whole event into manageable space for 120 of our superstar kids with their parents in tow.  Thank you to those teachers for doing such amazing, positive work.  It was a true community event that enhanced our school.

On Saturday afternoon, the Vallemar/Cabrillo Jazz Band joined their counterparts from Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School and Ocean Shore School to give us an amazing program at their January Jazz event.  This was held at the Moose Lodge.  Every year, this is a true community-wide effort to showcase our students who perform, as well as raise funds for the Pacifica Education Foundation to support music in our schools.  Thanks to the Moose Lodge for giving us their space, and giving us a substantial donation.  In addition, kudos to our music teachers in the district, Ms. Samantha Johns, Cabrillo and Vallemar; Mr. Ben Gower, IBL and Ocean Shore, and Mr. Mark Unbehagen, District-Wide for their leadership and support to ensure that both the afternoon concert and the evening Jazz event were successful.  A special thanks to our special guest band in the afternoon, the Terra Nova Jazz Ensemble, directed by Mr. Brian Lewsadder.

The evening event was well attended, and Ms. Elizabeth Bredall coordinated the entire day’s events, making everything run smoothly.  The three professional bands, The Reuben Salsido Quartet, Blue on Jazz, and MoJazz were energetic, entertaining, and a true joy to hear.  

I was in a third grade class today as students were working on haiku poetry.  The third graders learn about so many styles of poetry and then present their work at the annual Poetry Cafe.  For those of you in our community who have experienced this event before, you know how excited the students become to share their work with their parents.  Thank you to Ms. Arai, Mr. Katz, and Ms. West for the effort and hard work that goes in to this event.  Once you have come, you will see the attention to detail that goes in to this amazing evening.  It is uplifting and joyous for the children.

Earlier this week, I got to speak with second graders who are doing research on Penguins.  This project helps students learn to do research in a field of study that includes Science, Writers Workshop, Readers Workshop, and visual art.  What a great way to integrate so many subjects in a meaningful way.  Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Stillman, and Ms. West collaborate to make this a project that students both enjoy and become well informed.

Finally, a quartet of 7th graders came to me to ask if they could start a school newspaperHere is their first issue.  We are looking forward to its growth moving forward, and are hopeful that they begin a tradition of student news for the student body.  Right now, they are starting with a monthly publication, but we’ll see where it leads as they get their footing.  Thanks to Mr. Katz for sponsoring the editorial staff during their Thursday lunch period as they work on the Cabrillo Chronicle.  Good work Liam, PJ, Colin, and Maxwell!


“Honesty is the quickest way to keep a mistake from turning into a complete failure.”.  James Altucher