Principal’s Newsletter November 14

Holding Our Neighbors Close

 This week, we have been met with the challenges of indoor everything.  Overall, things are going well.  While our bad air is greeting us with these daily challenges, I find myself really trying to take it in stride when I consider the ordeal of our neighbors to both our north and south. 
Losing whole towns, homes, and even loved ones is devastating.  May we all keep our neighbors close to our hearts as we move into this Thanksgiving Holiday.  They need our support and help.  We are not always sure what we can do, but just being aware that ours is but a minor problem in the face of all of our neighbors’ dire situations helps us move forward and be aware of opportunities that might arise in order for us to help.
Gratitude and good will walk hand in hand.  We are on earth for such a short time.  Let us continue to practice kindness, tolerance, and compassion; especially now that our neighbors need our love and support more than ever.

Respect the Cones Please

This is just a gentle reminder that if you see cones placed on our parking lots, please be respectful that, unless you’ve been given permission to do so, you should not park there.  The last space in the west parking lot is reserved for two families who won the space at our Spring Auction.  Who knows, if you come to the next Spring Auction, the space could be yours!  Remember, we are all modeling what we expect of our children.  Thank you.

KINDNESS QUOTE: “Be Thankful for whatever you have; you’ll end up having more.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.”  Oprah Winfrey