Principal’s Newsletter November 7

Gratitude & Respect

 The world is not a perfect place.  As we go through our day-to-day routines and rituals; working, volunteering, doing chores; we often forget to stop and be grateful for all that is around us.  

The past few evenings have been absolutely beautiful.  The sunsets help me with perspective about my place in the universe, and the necessity to stop, be grateful, and respect my world and all its inhabitants.  This includes the inhabitants that I do not necessarily get along with very well. 

I am keeping last week’s kindness quote as this week’s as well.  I believe it really does challenge us all to stand on our own character.  Is our character one of respect, kindness and tolerance? 

In a world that is not a perfect place, it can be easy to get caught up in the argument of the day, engage in practices that do not show us in our best light, and ultimately tarnish our own character.  Rising above all of the baiting can be tough.  

During this time of giving thanks, let us remember that our gratitude and respect leads us to happiness with ourselves, and ultimately with one another.

Respect the Cones Please

This is just a gentle reminder that if you see cones placed on our parking lots, please be respectful that, unless you’ve been given permission to do so, you should not park there.  The last space in the west parking lot is reserved for two families who won the space at our Spring Auction.  Who knows, if you come to the next Spring Auction, the space could be yours!  Remember, we are all modeling what we expect of our children.  Thank you.

KINDNESS QUOTE: “Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it; not as a reflection of their character; but as a reflection of yours.”  Dave Willis