Principal’s Newsletter October 3

Monday morning was like many other first Mondays in October for Cabrillo School.  We all gathered together to begin our day, and take a pledge to be kinder in our words and deeds.

In other parts of the world, Monday was not a typical day in October.  I have had the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that devastated an entire island in Indonesia on my mind this week.  As I shared with my staff this afternoon.  I feel so fortunate that I am living where I live, as I live, and with whom I live.  I am also grateful to serve a community that has its ups and downs, but, overall, we are in pretty good shape.

I believe that if we all search out the goodness around us, our lives become happier.  Often times, seeing that goodness is manifest in our service and help to others.  I think that is why I return to work every day, am grateful for the day, and, no matter how tough it might have been this day, I know that I am still very fortunate to be in this place right now.  Think of the devastation in Indonesia today, and place yourself on that scale.  With that in mind, I find my issues pale in comparison, and I am grateful yet again.

That’s what compassion, tolerance, understanding, and respect of all people can do for us.  It can make us grateful that we can help, and happy that we are able to do so.  Keep being good humans Cabrillo!


“Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, moral courage and the like. More than anything else, it’s about how we treat other people.”
Denis Praiger