Principal’s Newsletter September 12

Life Requires Bumps 
When we first came together as a community at our Back to School Night, I wanted to send all of you a message of hope, of caring, and of the importance of our task as educators, parents, and community members.

My message to the middle school parents was, “They need you more now than ever.  They just need you to be more stealth-like.”  What I mean by that is that you do need to move back a little, let them stumble over some bumps in the road, yet still guide them to advocate for themselves and make good choices.

If you are noticing that your child is beginning his or her journey through puberty, you are going to have to help guide them in relationship change.  Often we hear of the mean or pushy kids who determine who is in what clique.  This is growing up just as it was in our youth.  The bigger difference between our youth and their current state is social media.  This requires adult stealth-like, caring work.

I have often said that I do not envy parenting in this social-media heavy society.  I can only imagine how concerned parents are that smart phones place the entire world into the hands of an 11 year old (sometimes younger).  Staying abreast of the ways to monitor your child’s device is key to your own sanity, and their social well-being.  The social sphere can be a frightening and cruel place to navigate.

With the younger grade parents, my charge was that “You are raising an adult.”  My point about that was that there are often conflicts with friends that should often be left to the youngsters to handle.  Sometimes when we adults get into the mix, we find ourselves putting adult feelings into what children can very often get over quickly.

Bumps in the road sometimes make kids sad.  They sometimes make kids mad.  As parents we do not like to see our children unhappy.  However, if they do not experience these moments when life is a bit rough, they will definitely have a hard time getting through the tough times that are sure to come when they become adults.

I encourage you to listen lovingly.  Be empathetic to your child’s concerns.  Tell them the important things about having a problem is that they are empowered with their own will to be a part of the solution.  It’s never a smooth road.  Life requires bumps.  Stay compassionate Cabrillo!

“Let us fill our own hearts with compassion – towards ourselves and towards all living beings.”
T. N. Hanh