September 13

Hello Cabrillo Community,

There are a few things that I wanted to pass on to you that were left off of this week’s news.

Saturday, Sept. 5, there will be a campus cleanup by the Scout Troop 216.  Thanks to the scouts for keeping Cabrillo safe and clean.

Sparc Poetry is back in the Afternoons.  Here is that information.

Sparc Poetry After School Fridays

I think that everyone would agree that safety is paramount on our minds as we send out students to school every day.  With that in mind, I want to address our after school routine here at Cabrillo, and the reasons why we need everyone to follow some basic safety rules.

And most importantly:

Parents please help:

The Problem:  Students, parents, and community members are not crossing the street safely.

  1. Tell your child(ren) to never cut across Crespi.  Always stop at the cross-walk, look both ways, then cross.  None of us are in such a hurry that we should not follow and model these important safety rules.
  2. Parents, please also follow these rules.  You are the best model.
  3. Bicycles should be stopping and looking both ways before pushing their bike across the cross walk.  It is important that drivers see the cyclist.  Never assume that, because the law says you have the right of way, that the driver sees you, or will stop.
  4. Please do not ride on the sidewalk when there are pedestrians.  A bicycle should ride in their designated bike lane.  Drivers will not learn bicycle safety if they do not have bike riders following the rules of the street.

What the school has done:

For the past few years, the school has had classes right here on campus regarding bicycle safety, thanks to the Safe Routes to Schools Program.  Most students who are riding their bikes to school have been trained in bike safety as this is a District-Wide program.  In addition, our student-led Safety Patrol in the mornings are doing a great job.  Teachers are always with the students to ensure that they remain within the safety areas, and only their stop signs are held out.

The Problem:  Students continue to ride their bikes, scooters, and other wheeled modes of transportation on campus before schools starts, and after school has been dismissed.

  1. Please remind your child that bicycles will be confiscated if I catch them on the yard.  It is dangerous to be riding one’s bike on the yard at any time before or after school.  There are no less than 200 people on the yard before or after school, and riding through and around people trying to leave is extremely dangerous.  We have had students injured in the past because of this behavior.
  2. Parents, please model this behavior as well.  It is important for us adults to follow these rules.

What the school has done:

I have spoken with grades 3 – 6 today about this situation, and will continue the conversation with 7th and 8th grade tomorrow.  I am also looking into some other alternatives for afternoon crossing safety.  Please be patient with me as I explore some further options.

Thank you for being the great community you are.  Sometimes we all just need gentle reminders to be safe, be kind, and be thoughtful.

Tom Stafford